workshop : ramlabor

As water becomes more and more scarce in third world countries, people are forced to walk miles and miles just to have access to what is a vital necessity, which they will be re­stricted to quantity wise. Yet, we, westerners, seem to forget how fortunate we are to have access to unlimited amount of drinkable water through our daily routines.

Through our project, we aim to make visible this laborious process of accessing drinking water. The aim is to make the visitors to work effortlessly to earn their water. We design then a water dispenser which demonstrates this luxury by physically engaging visitors’ bodies. They become the energy source of our manual machine which brings awareness to water preciousness. Our object also invites visitors to collaborate together in a playful way to access a cup of potable water. The pumps need to be manually pushed in order to properly balance the tanks with the suffi­cient amounts of water. In a chain of reaction, once one tank filled, it allows the next one to be. Eventually, the visitor will succeed in enjoying a glass of water containing various sorts of ingredients but can also gain access to water to irrigate the tomatoes. This device would be ideally assembled close to the kitchen, as it would become a useful element to accompany the visitors while they consume food and beverages.