workshop : hackathon

this hackathon workshop was done in collaboration with Tobias Bridger, Liam Lee and Gianmaria della Ratta. it was run by Jesse Howard at the design academy eindhoven.

the group of four created a device which was attached to the body while being connected to instagram. 

in today's society, every like and unfollow seems to affect us more than it should. we seem to feel the pain of loosing a follower and the pleasure of gaining a like on a picture.

it is for this purpose that we went on with creating this 'like/unfollow' object. every like you get from your instagram account will give you a nice tingling sensation in the back of your body. however, every unfollow you'll virtually receive on your feed will give you a slight kick in the throat, a very uncomfortable feeling both physically and virtually.

we were able to convert the virtual feeling of social media onto a physical touch, affecting our body.