lumière support

alex designed during her bachelors a lighting fixture, paying special attention to the support fixture of the light source, which gives it direction and use. she questioned the lighting and the relationship between human and color.

adjusted onto a vertical support fixed to the wall, the light source evolves around this support forming a 300° degree angle.

the colors were introduced to resemble the effects that the color produce to people, the effects of chromotherapy.

the mobility of the lamp reproduces the behavior of the sun throughout a day and the need of light on a person. in the morning, a blue light coming from above is more suitable to awaken a person softly, while in the evening, a low light and red reminds the soothing sunset.

simultaneously, the manual movement of the light from top to bottom triggers a change of color thanks to the rotating system. a chromatic disc is placed at the back of the lighting fixture, light passes through this disc and refracts the color against the wall.