(no) other self

design for the other in ourselves


this project was initiated by Hague Thinking and Design Academy Eindhoven. the project was on show during Dutch Design Week 2018 and during an intern exhibition at the Special Tribunal for Libanon.

this project is made in collaboration with Fenna Wenselaar and Gijs de Boer.



when you are annoyed or threatened, it is easy to frame other people as less human. this is the process of ‘othering’. we explored how a more honest self-image could counter it. 

othering is the condition of war and exclusion, so how can we overcome it? when we dehumanise other people, we point at their bad traits. yet these will often be our own projected bad traits. we are pointing indirectly at an other in ourselves.

to overcome othering, we think we need to own up to the hidden other in us. peace becomes a process of self-acceptance.

we try to help you face and embrace the subtle sins you commit everyday, in two ways. in interviews, we ask you how good you were today, to find the subtle sins you forgot. in interventions, we design for subtly sinful behaviour, to make it acceptable. so you don’t feel the need to project it onto others.