habiter un paysage

This project consisted in designing an environmentally friendly outdoor hotel project, that provides a minimum housing experience in dialogue with the landscape in which it is located. This project is made in collaboration with Alexandre Esteves.

We offer people to immerse themselves in nature and, for a moment, to cut themselves off from technology, in order to get back to the basics.

We designed a device in the heart of the many pine trees emerging from a sublime green soil, which seeks to maintain contact with nature and affect as little as possible the fauna and flora.

The structure is installed above a green moss carpet, and is crossed by 5 trees. It is on stilts and allows to contemplate the landscape without distorting the site. The stilts voluntarily resume the vertical pattern of the Douglas pines lined up in the forest.

Our device uses Douglas fir from nearby forests. It is blackened by shou-sugi-ban, a Japanese technique which consists in carbonizing wood in order to give it a natural and long-lasting protection.