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thesis - objectifying objects

this thesis starts with the simple question of why alex is remarkably repulsed by certain objects she encounters daily. we have the liberty and luxury of choosing our surroundings, of choosing our possessions, of feeling domination over an object. and yet, she's found how much the world around her is controlled by something much greater, something she uncovers in her writings.

commercial strategies are massively used nowadays for us to feel closer to our personal belongings. but at the same time, they push us further away from them. the object must remain familiar yet, must also remain replaceable. objects and architecture need to be held accountable for their actions of manipulation. alex' intentions throughout this thesis were to bring this fact to surface, to recreate the connection between objects and their user, and to call out the corporations that take the possessive grip on it.

how can objects’ and architecture’s emotionally enhancing strategies be deceiving for their users? she discussed in her thesis the marketing tactics that are used to control and persuade their users and manipulate their perception, countless methods that corporations currently employ.