shark project

the Great White Shark is the biggest predator of the sea, yet us humans remain the only threat as we keep fishing them out for their fins.

finding inspiration through italian artist's Alberto Burri’s working method, alex started by building fake tumors, and tricking the humans into thinking the shark is sick and not appealing anymore, by collecting abandoned and discarded objects such as plastic.

but how do animals deceive predators in nature?

by using camouflage, the shark can fit into its own environment. alex created a range of dresses that embody the animal, using plastic trash, for the shark to blend into the trash spilled all over the ocean.

being exposed to the reality of it, the plastic in the ocean is now part of everyday life for these sea creatures. her aim was to make trash look attractive, organic-shaped like and algae like. the shark takes the plastic trash to its advantage to confuse and scare the humans away, because trash does scare people, as at is also a threat to us.