alex blondeau is a french+american+swiss designer based in eindhoven, NL. she recently graduated from the MA department of contextual design at the design academy eindhoven. prior to that, alex did her BA at                        the ESAD in orléans, FR, specialised in                object and spacial design. 

              alex finds inspiration in deceptive and disguised elements in our contemporary world, including architectural skeletons, camouflaging screens,                  and superficial wrappers. her interest                   for the anatomy of construct-                   ion has brought up to light her                  clear fascination for apparent structures that reveals the true inner workings of things, the oddly satisfying moment from behind the scenes. 

alex is curently exhibiting her recent graduation project at the campina milk factory during dutch design week in eindhoven from the 19.10.19  till the 27.10.19


+ exhibitions +

Dutch Design Week graduation show DAE at Campina, Eindhoven, NL

Dutch Design Week peace and justice project at Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, NL 

Recycl'Art exhibition at Roubaix, FR

+ workshops +

Ramlabor Architects in Berlin, DE

Hackathon at DAE with Jesse Howard in Eindhoven, NL

Co-working space project at ESAD Orléans with Bina Baitel in Orléans, FR

+ experiences +

Internship at cabinetmaker's Baptiste Gautier, Vieuvicq, FR

Internship at architec's Frédéric Gau, Chartres, FR

Salon Maison et Objet hostess for les iResistub, Paris, FR

Translation website french to english for les iResistub